New studio new beginnings

This summer I finally moved studio. It was something that had been talked about for a few years but as with all good ideas they take their time in happening. As part of an artist led studios and charity in the town centre in Swindon, developing the arts complex over the past 10 years has been a big part of my art practice.

Studios are great and especially when you are part of one like Artsite where we all support each other and collaborate on exhibitions and projects. But even when they are affordable like mine, you can find that you have trouble finding the time to actually use it when you are busy making a living. But they are a haven, a place in which you can do what you like in it, play about with materials, get messy and importantly space to think away from all the distractions of life.

My new studio is much bigger than my old one with a much needed storage area. As collecting ‘stuff’ is central to my process, storing and space to display that collection is important. I also have a better natural light source and from my chair watch people as they walk past. I love this aspect of having a studio in the town centre, being part of its energy but people oblivious to me watching them. Observing is central to being an artist so my new studio is magic.


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