Just keeping at it

image_53918502482978I was just starting to emerge from the festive period into the New Year when I came down with the flu. But the good thing about it is I have sat on the sofa and just stitched or drawn. The fear of not doing things well stops most people from even starting and that’s especially so with creating, making “ art”.image_539185806654672I started this piece a while back and after working on it for a while put it down as I didn’t  know what to do next. But spurred on by a post on TextileArtist.org I worked through what techniques, materials and themes inspired me the most and set myself some actions. image_539186496458024I have been working on some faces – girl from found photo, Sylvia Plath and experimenting with painting and stitching into fabric. I have also made small samplers for me to work into. This has encouraged me to “ just keep at it” moving from one piece to another and not feeling precious or paralysed by fear of what to do next. And it seems to be working as I’m “ creating” and keeping the flow going daily. Not sure about the pieces, I still prefer the back of the work to the front, but at least the process is happening.


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